NDIS Registration Number: 4050036930

NDIS Provider Number: 4-4GHG-486

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of providing Australians under 65 who have a permanent and/or significant disability, with funding to receive the necessary care and supports to achieve their goals. It’s one of the biggest changes people living with disability have experienced in a long time. By 2020, the complete rollout of the NDIS will touch the lives of more than 460,000 Australians nationwide.

ATLAS is an NDIS registered provider. This means that people with disability can use their NDIS funding to access our services and supports.

What is so important about being a registered NDIS provider?

The NDIS Practice Standards outline the highest quality and standards a registered provider must always meet to remain certified. These standards are based on human rights and state that everyone person with a disability being supported or receiving services from a registered provider be treated with dignity and respect. The standards outline how a person must be supported so they can live an inclusive and independent life free from violence and discrimination. Being a Registered NDIS Provider is our assurance to you and your family that the supports and services you receive from ATLAS are safe and of the highest quality and standard.

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (previously the NDIS Price Guide) assist participants and disability support providers to understand the way that price controls for supports and services work in the NDIS. Price regulation is in place to ensure that participants receive value for money in the supports that they receive.

The Support Catalogue lists all of the available supports that providers can use when lodging a payment request. It also provides information on the current (and previous) price limits for each support item and indicates which claim types (travel, non-face-to-face, etc.) apply for each price-limited support item.

Price limits are the maximum prices that registered providers can charge NDIS participants for specific supports. Participants and providers can negotiate lower prices. NDIS pricing arrangements and price limits must be followed when supports are delivered to NDIA-managed or plan-managed participants.

The NDIS regularly updates pricing arrangements.


ATLAS recognises that independence, choice, control and freedom to live the way we choose are fundamental rights that belong to everyone.

We also strongly believe, that every individual has strengths, capacities, resources and challenges that are unique to them, and that one-size-fits-all approach to accessing community life does not work.

ATLAS approach to providing Recreation, Sport and Leisure Support is designed to support successful inclusion and participation into community life.

We have been providing support, driven by individual Participant’s choice and control since our inception. We have a unique and highly flexible approach to engaging and managing disability supports.

ATLAS model of service is customised to help you live a full and independent life by supporting you in a way that is unique and assists you to reach your goals and aspirations. This means we work with you to determine how the support service operates, who provides the support and where it is provided.

We support people who have a:

  • National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) managed plan
  • Self-managed plan
  • Registered plan management provider


ATLAS follow the new NDIS Code of Conduct and support our workers to meet its requirements.


ATLAS NDIS supports are charged according to the NDIS Price Guide and NDIS Support Catalogue, you can find the current version here.

There are as many support line item reference numbers as there are different types of support and it is expected that they will increase in quantity as the NDIS expands over the next year or two.

NDIS Formal Supports (NDIS funding) are divided into the support categories..

Core Supports

Core supports covers support for people with disability to complete daily living activities (in the home or the community) and work towards their goals.

Capacity Building Supports

Capacity Building supports can help you develop skills and build your independence.


Capital funding can pay for technology equipment, home or vehicle modifications and in some cases for specialised accommodation.

ATLAS is registered to provide the following services under NDIS:

  • Development of daily living & life skills
  • Daily personal activities
  • Participate in community, social and civic activities
  • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transition and supports


Are you self managing your NDIS plan or are you looking for support staff for your self managed plan?

ATLAS LABOUR HIRE can help you! We can provide staff if you are self managing your funds. Call us and we can talk to you about our range of experienced staff for you to choose from.

As a Registered Provider, we meet all the National Quality and Safeguarding requirements. We understand the difference good staff make to having a good life. Our personnel hold a range of relevant qualifications including but not limited to:

  • Working With Children and NDIS Worker Screening

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)

  • Certificate III in Community Work

  • First Aid and Medications Training

  • Manual Handling

  • Community Surf Lifesaving


ATLAS staff are trained to comply with your directions. ATLAS Management provide support and assistance to maintain consistent, efficient and reliable service. 

ATLAS has experience in complying with relevant Service Quality Standards. 


We understand that safety is of prime importance to you. Our personnel initiatives to ensure safety include:

  • Safety Induction and Training

  • A signed workplace Code of Conduct Agreement

  • A signed Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement

  • We will also work with you to customise any specific safety needs


    Every employee engaged through ATLAS Labour Hire works under an agreement that supports flexibility and stability. Our workers have comprehensive insurance cover including:

  • Workers Compensation

  • Public Liability

  • Professional Indemnity

    Call us to discuss your individual support needs and how ATLAS can provide supports that are flexible and person centred to help you live your best life


ATLAS NDIS Service and Support List

The following is a list of the services and supports ATLAS is registered to provide.

    Assistance With Daily Living

    ATLAS can provide high-quality, individualised supports in your home and community.

    Assistance with Daily Living covers Assistance with daily personal activities such as personal hygiene activities or supervision of personal daily tasks which support a Participant to live as independently as possible at home and in the community. Daily Living Supports are flexible and customised to your own needs, goals and outcomes.

    You might want:

    • support getting ready for your day
    • to get out and about in the community
    • someone to do household chores
    • someone to help with food preparation and meals
    • support with health and fitness
    • assistance getting to appointments, or
    • some travel support.

    These are just a few things we can assist with. Tell us about your goals and how we can support you to live the life you want to live.

    Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skills development

    ATLAS can support you to build essential life skills to enhance your independence.

    This includes short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening a Participant’s ability to coordinate their supports, and to assist them to live at home and participate in their community. We also support Participants to practice their new skills in the community.

    To do this, we look for opportunities to connect with people by joining groups, visiting community venues and events and eating out, travel training such as road safety and using public transport are other skills that can be practiced in the community. We can also support Participants to explore work experience and volunteering opportunities.


    • Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development
    • assistance with decision making, daily planning, budgeting

    ATLAS can also provide the following;

    • Assistance with Social and Community Participation
    • Improved Daily Living
    • Improved Living Arrangements

    Development of daily living and life skills

    Development of daily living and life skills focuses on training and development activities undertaken by the Participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible including supports that will enhance the ability of the Participant to travel and use public transport independently.

    ATLAS are able to help with the following support categories:

    The level (and cost) of support funded for Assistance with Daily Living will depend on a Participant’s support needs. For example, complex needs generally require additional support. The days and times a person needs support will impact the level and cost of support, i.e. weekend support is more expensive under the NDIS price guide.