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ATLAS is committed to supporting both tourists and business to experience and create inclusive tourism experiences. We aim to work with both the travelling public and tourism operators to improve accessibility for all and expand the tourism market.

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Inclusive tourism is in extreme growth around the world and many counties are taking notice and capitalising on the opportunity now. According to the My Travel Research 2018 report, Understanding the Opportunity for Australia in Accessible Tourism, the overnight inclusive tourism market is worth $8 billion! Make sure you are a part of it.

Tourism businesses with improved accessibility appeal to a wider range of visitors. It’s not just disabled visitors who benefit; it’s families, older people, practically all your visitors in one way or another. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, more than 50% of people over the age of 55 will have some sort of disability – whether they identify with it or not.

People with disabilities spend 1.5 times more than others, stay an average of 8 nights, are often in groups of four or more and tend to travel during the quieter times. If you can’t cater to the one in that group – you don’t just lose one, you lose the group.

It is not all about a ramp. Not all disabilities are visible, and every person is unique. There are so many small details which can make the world of difference to a person’s travel experience.
It doesn’t matter how extreme or adventurous your tour is, there are people who are keen to buy an experience from you.

Facility Audits & Traveller Support

If you are a business, we can assist you by identifying barriers to inclusion. We conduct an onsite audit and provide you with a customised report, including recommendations and strategies to create a more inclusive tour experience for your customers. This is a very low-cost service designed to develop a plan of action.

Cost: From $260 Inc GST

If you are a traveller and you would like some reassurance around accessibility at a destination or an activity, we can talk to you about your requirements and conduct an onsite audit which can provide you with some certainty when selecting your choice of accommodation, tour or activity. We provide a short walk through video and a simple report tailored to your individual requirements.

Cost: $55 Inc GST per business (talk to us about a deal if you have several)

Facility Development (For Businesses)

We can provide building services to simply implement your Facility Audit report.

Cost: POA

We can work with your business to help you implement your Facility Audit Report. This includes connecting you with suppliers of materials and equipment designed to help you attract a wider audience of travellers.

Cost: Complimentary

We can help you with access and inclusion information to develop your online and physical communications strategies designed to help you attract a wider audience of travellers.

Cost: POA

Customer Service Training & Development

We will work with you to build your staff’s comfort with providing quality services to people with inclusion requirements.
We provide off the job training according to your schedule and requirements. This can include key staff, teams, and key stakeholders in your supply chain.

Cost: $330 per session Inc GST
Session duration: 3 hours

We conduct on the job training. We will support your staff to deliver your tour or activity to increase the quality of the customer experience. We do this by bringing and supporting people with disabilities to test your facilities and having open and honest conversations to reassure staff that they all have the ability to provide an enjoyable experience to all customers. We also provide a customer survey designed to elicit feedback on your tour and provide a report to you so you can gauge the quality of your service.

Cost: POA

Just In Time Support & Advice

For Businesses:
You can call us with access and inclusion questions when booking someone into your tour.

Cost: If we provide a facility audit, development, or training to you this service is complimentary.

Cost: From $20 depending upon complexity of your request for those seeking advice without purchasing prior services.

For Travellers:
We can recommend businesses and tours that are proactive in providing an inclusive experience.

Cost: Complimentary

Marketing (For Businesses)

We have an extensive network of inclusive tourism alliances and contacts that we can connect you with, so you can advertise your inclusive tours, activities and facilities to raise awareness of your offerings and services.
Cost: If we provide a facility audit, development or training to you this service is complimentary.
We can assist you with communicating with tourists about your inclusive tours, activities and facilities.

Cost: From $99 Inc GST depending upon complexity of your requirements

On Tour Personal Support

We have an extensive list of Leisure Buddies on staff who can accompany you on tour to provide personal assistance with transfers, communication support, and other tour tasks. We can meet you at your accommodation or at any agreed place in community in our accessible bus.

You can book this as an individual or as a business. Talk to us about your requirements

Cost: POA From $55 per hour (talk to us about a deal if you have more than one activity)


We have a bank of equipment that we maintain for hire. You can either hire it as a business or for your personal use if you are a traveller.

Our equipment ranges from adaptive items used in accommodation settings for transfers and lifting, to equipment that increases access to adventure tourism including trekking, hiking, boating, off road adventuring, whatever you are into. You imagine it and we will develop a solution to allow you to access it.

Cost: POA

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